I have never been to an amusement park. Currently I don’t find the need to visit one..

‘Cause my life itself is a roller-coaster. It’s incredible. Too tough to find. And once found..Too hard to lose. Extremely complicated. I think I love it too much,. It’s messy, complex, but awesome. One instant, I’ll be laying around with throbbing head, burning eyes, and dried up tears.. And amazingly, the same evening.. Here I am. Dressing up for a party. Looking glamorous.  Experimenting with “Girly stuffs.” I’m wearing a gown for the first time in my life! It feels amazing. RED. Perfect colour. Nothing can spoil my mood. xD

hmm.. Sometimes.. I stay up all night .. Just wondering, About life.Life-Is-Like-A-Roller-Coaster


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