Every day at aurora, vision returns. Yet another day of my life begins. I’m told to forget the dreams and come back to reality. Face the same old, cruel world, once more. Leave those fantasies which keeps me alive. Fake a smile and turn around, briskly walk up to the realism and act like this is all just a perfect life. Well, it ain’t. Truth is immortal. 

This human race is truly inspiring to me, every moment. I forever wonder, “What is all this..?” The schedule plans. Daily chores. Time bound lives. Racing macrocosm.. What is the significance of this? Distractions. The pseudo-hectic lives. Superficial lifestyle. ‘Need’ of everything….

Occasionally I feel the ‘need’ to stay away from the reality. Be alone on my own.  Rush out.. Scream, cry, destroy, be wild, punk-ish. Cross all barriers and act unlike my own self. Go beyond limits, try extreme stuffs, And then.. come back to normal. Be usual, with the same weirdness, laugh out, cheer, smile, love and be loved!

Now that’s when I sense, being myself and loving what I do, is me. Spontaneity is beauty. And fantasy is an anti-reality. Both are of immense importance. Hope that the craziness and the innocence forever remain. And.. Every second with fantasy, I feel connected. ‘Cause after all, that is the reason, I’m me. ♥


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