A Marsian, close to heart.

To a very special person, somebody who has no idea what ‘it’ means to me. Tolerating me, through my dumb lows and crazy highs., loving me, no matter how stupid I am. Forever taking care of me and standing beside me when my world turned upside down. I just want to take a moment off to let you know, from the deepest part of my heart, .. I love you! 😘 Thank you so much for coming to my life. For making it shine when it was gloomy. For wiping my tears (Sometimes virtually), during my breakdowns. For every second you spend with me. You mean a lot to me. You are an amazing human being.

Wish you stay in my life forever. Even a flash of your face or a word can stop my tears, make me smile. You are the best. Your every word drives away my blues, makes me grin and nostalgic .. all over again.

Your outrageous outfit, the first day we met.. was comical. But, your smile and those eyes, 😊 felt like burning diamond. And when they met mine, something sparked. Before I met you I never know how important life is, and what it really means. From that day, I swear there wasn’t a single day you weren’t in my thoughts. Our current lives may be really creepy and weird and messy. And it is incredibly different. And so is our surround and society and background and friend circle. But.. Our friendship is perennial. The changes are bound to occur. I believe, and trust you a lot. From what I have learned till now, you are just worth it all! Thank you. 

Before you I didn’t believe in destiny. Frankly, now, I do. ‘Cause our friendship has one. You are probably not aware of the times in my life when I was a kid, too dumb to realise what was really going on. And when I did realise .. It was a bit late. By then life took me places. And we were suddenly miles apart. But you know, sometimes the people around you don’t understand you as well as somebody far away from you can. As I write this piece, dedicating it to you, my cheeks hurt, for I am smiling for too long. And my eyes burn, ’cause the tears are too deep.

You taught me things which nobody ever did to me. .. About complex human emotions and psychology. Our bond is really special, and I think It can never break. There were weird stages in our friendship.. From strangers, to classmates, to friends, to crushers, and back to friends, sometimes strangers, and finally to besties. Memories of classes, canteen and the secrets and chats. Everything always brings a smile on my face. And nothing can ever be forgotten. Ever. 

Best part.. This is a way to make those thoughts eternal. I have so much to say, all at once. And yet, even silence speaks between us. I think I know you a bit .. ’cause we ain’t strangers anymore. 😝 So.. All the best for your career ahead. This piece is messy and a bit clumsy, but I love it this way!

Lastly, I know I broke the ‘No thanks rule’ so many times.. here. I’m glad I did. Else you would never know all this.. I’m just glad I met you and I love you more. Forever.


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