Random Rush in Mind.

I don’t know about you. But I know a bit about me. It’s absurd how sometimes you care for people who don’t give a damn about you. And in that phase, you pretty much blur out the part for those, who love you. It’s funny how everything in life seems to happen for a reason. The amazing ‘pressure’ and ‘stress’ , sometimes seems too much to bear. People say I’m too tender. Believe it? Just 15. Some oldies brush it off by stating… “Oh a teen… just a phase. It’ll pass soon.” Makes no sense to me. I faced some things in this yet-life which many, at their mid-life too, mayn’t have faced yet. People say experience comes with time. I disagree.
2015-03-06 20.06.17

When was the last time you heard a teen say.. “I don’t want to lie ..”

… This time, I suddenly found myself in the position. Not that I regret it. I act so that i never have to regret. I don’t know why, but just the other day quiet a scene had happened to me, with a person I who cares for me.

Sometimes being rhetorical doesn’t really harm, does it? …

There is me, standing, and facing a nervous breakdown, due to some issues, and then there is this person who keeps asking me what’s wrong. I remember, just before this whole scene took place, a few months back the same person had said to me, “You don’t have to tell me everything.” To that day till that scene, she said she took back her words. I didn’t want to say what’s really up. Hence, I just stated I don’t want to lie, you see.. to that she replied, but you aren’t telling me either. I just looked away.

After some pause, she pulls me to her.. hugs me, and tells me something I’ll remember eternally. “Sometimes, Hiding the truth can cause more harm than telling a lie.”


There are times when I had pretty much given up. On life. On homies. On everything. And then, like a fairy god, some angel flies up to my ears and smiles at me. She whispers. My tears turn to laughter. I stand up and brush off myself. I walk around to a super-mart and search for ‘180 grams of ISI-marked brain.’ Funny how, life is so spastic.

It burns you, bruises you, scars you, hurts you, beats you up.. until you are a complete broke. And then it lends a hand to pull you up and guide you your way. gives back your faith in yourself. And advises you to start all over again. Life isn’t perfect. not ’cause it’s impossible, ’cause it’s not meant to be that way. it is just awesome… isn’t it?…

taanClose you eyes. Dream high and fly. Fly so high, you touch the sky. Reach the infinity. There is no need to prove the world your capability. Just do your best, to prove yourself what you really can do. Open your ears, listen to the silence, sense it’s deepness. Hear your mind asking you a trillion questions everyday? Now open your eyes. Don’t fall. Watch how your brain, so conveniently brushes away all those thoughts. Now, experiment with some weapons. Cut out a section of you brain. See the confusions flooding the CSF? Go to the depth. Find the cause. Get active, find a duster and clean out the cobwebs out there. Figure out every piece of the jigsaw. At the moment, open your eyes even wider. Search frenetically for one such pair of sight, with whom life would seem unicorn like. Hold on to that beauty once, and never let it go.

Ever happens..? .. that you are sitting around… just another day… boredom and stressed out… and wondering if anything is ever turn out ‘normal’ like it was before. Childhood was so picture perfect. And now it’s all so realistic..


I random-talk so much.. It’s just insane! xD


5 thoughts on “Random Rush in Mind.

  1. This. *_* ❤ Magnifique.

    And I can never figure out the identity of the people whom you mention in your posts. :3

    Bloody brilliant, that part about clearing the cobwebs.

    Liked by 1 person

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