Fireworks and Feelings.


 Our Eyes were on fire. As they met, something happened. It was like someone ignited a lamp, which burnt heavenly. We were young, untamed beasts. Nothing could stop us. The desires were inextinguishable. The intensity was incredible. We hugged. I felt like a tomato in a sandwich. Squeezed so hard. The warmth felt different. Something I had never experienced before. His chest was very masculine. I almost melted in his arms. Everything was too swift. We were high. The unvanquishable.  My heart beat was in sync with his now. Nobody cared about the right and wrong. Every second seemed like an hour. I felt his breath in my ears.The warm rush of wind, rythmically, felt lie paradise. We were so high. My body roused in excitement. He hugged me even harder. Every beat felt like an atom bomb blasting. I felt safe and sound, and enigmatically secure. It was a weird bond. No feelings of love. We were both emotionally insecure. Every second we spend with each other, we felt connected.


The world is round. Human mind is irrational. Our acts made no sense. After a while, our hands turned sweaty. We diverged a little. Very little. We were merely teens. The next act was even more illogical.The second we drifted minutely away from each other, our desires only unwrapped itself to its best.  We turned wild, like starved souls. This time, everything was even more crazy. His chest squeezed mine. His arms locked me. I felt very different, like in a cage. But with my choices. We were like pieces in a jigsaw. Like an enzyme and its substrate, bound to a conformation. 

When his soul was next to mine, it felt like the two bodies diffused to one. We really were merely teens. And our acts were all about spontaneity, ’cause that’s what is beauty. As my boobs squeezed against his chiseled chest, our locked eyes, opened themselves as he looked down. His eyes were glittery. The smiled naughtily as he pulled me even closer. I felt I was being desired. That was a truly good feeling. As the city moved in the speed of light, it provided our background music. The honks at the traffic signal and countless strangers’ voices, kids laughing and screaming, hawkers singsonging their goods. The backdrop was too, just. Natural. Nothing felt out of normal. Except our actions. We turned invincible. Our eyes, yet again, locked itself. I felt his arms slip inside my top. His touch was erotic. It send shivers down my spine. He rubbed my back, releasing all my tension. It all felt like an amaranthine therapy. I then closed my eyes and enjoyed every bit of zeal. My elbows were resting on his shoulders. My hands were high, and my biceps hurt a little, for he was tall.My fingers played with his hair and ears. We surprised ourselves by our movements.

All of this had happened in a blink of eye, but every moment felt like a slow-motion black and white cinema. His hands were now on my bra hooks. This time neither of us shivered. We had hit an ultimate high. No more shyness remained. It felt like a huge rush of desires, yet again. Hormones are funny things. Just too much sometimes. It makes us do things which are just de trop. He boldly unhooked me. This time my hands were inside his tee. The fragrance of his deo and my perfume, mixed to form a delicious hybrid. One which I’ll never forget. His body was perfect. All so well-built and sculpted. His silk-like skin and that texture have no words. His smile, then, meant the world to me. His risqué eyes and now his hands, made me squeal in delight. Slowly, yet steadily as his fingers made its way to my breasts, I, weirdly, shivered no more. His touch felt clout. And, as he squeezed my bundles of joy like a sponge-ball, I laughed.

My laughter meant the world to him. He always told that I smile and got delighted in such pity stuffs. But again, as his hands had cupped over my two balls, and my arms, which were now on his buttocks, explored each other’s body like an eager child, trying to know everything, all at once. Suddenly, he kissed my lips. The intense friction felt as if it burnt my lips. The cold lips of mine, against his warm ones, felt a perfect mixture. The remained locked till the moment we suffocated. We parted, to inhale, and joined those beauties back together, and as usual, this time too, it got more intense.

I had never felt anything close to this amazing ever before. It now turned a bit messy, for it was long. It was long. because, we had lost our senses. Hence, our tongue took time to regain themselves, and slowly, intensely tasted each other, for what seemed like forever. Every bit was absconding. He bit my lower lips….

Out of nowhere, the sudden sound of All Time Low’s voice interrupted the newly turned single soul. I felt my pocket in my jeans. To pull out my phone. The call disturbed the perfect moment. As the 32 seconds talk on phone ended, he smacked my butt and dashed me against the wall. We had yet another speechless round of that term-less actions, this final time, with an intensity, mind blowing. We were not friends. Not couples. We just had a stranger-ship that lasted a lifetime. After all; the crap was done, a final kiss, misted my eyes. As I blinked a tear dropped on his tee. And the path that the droplet followed, burnt it’s way.

That tear, was not water and salts, just pure emotions. Red hot and fiery, to cool my soul. My cheeks hurt, for I had smiled for way too long. Like we were actually diffused souls, I squeezed his cheeks, like a dough, as he kissed on my forehead and smiled. We blinked in sync and broke the lock. No words were uttered. We just turned away from each other and went on our own ways. So that was it. A Venusian’s romance.

Two strangers. One soul. Set to fire. Cooled down and later, left untouched. So now we are just strangers, who know everything about each other. No awkwardness. Just a known silence is shared. 




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