Yet again it’s that time of the year, when the entire world packs up to go back home or for some exotic vacation. Christmas season. I love it. Mostly because,
1. You get to eat yummy food stuffs,
2. You get tons of gifts,
3. Holidays.

Food is the love of my life. It’s like you need it for your survival. And from life, I have learnt that it’s essential to love the things which is a necessity, acting or otherwise. It’s pretty hard if you act like you love something. Almost like faking it. That is not fun at all. Mostly because, there is a cold war going on inside your head. The optimistic part acts all cheerful, and tells you to like nothing and everything. But, that’s also when, simultaneously, another segment of that very jelly like, awesome-sauce, thingy, termed as “Brain”, gets hit by reality. You have a counter line telling you it’s up to you what to choose to like, and what not to. So you choose to hate. Because, going the wrong way is what normal. Entropy is the default. And there are times, when this part raises it’s voice, and most often, tries, and is successful, in overpowering the sanguine part.

Wow. Brain.

Just Wow.

So, Conclusion: I love food, because, come on, frankly, who doesn’t? Right?

Secondly. Gifts. Well, this is a good start off topic. Because, I’m an Indian. Both by birth and heart. And as one, I pretty much know that it’s runs in our blood to scream and grab everything that has the word “Free” plastered on it. And gifts are those things which are THE most unicornish way of taking FREE stuff.

(I bet putting that word in capitals, had every single Indian reading this.. Immensely happy….. Till they realised it’s just a troll.)

Finally, Off days! The best days, because, you don’t need to wake up early, nor you follow your daily routine to brush and wash yourself and kick yourself out of the house, all in a blink of an eye. I personally, just love holidays. You get to relax, eat junk all day long, without feeling guilty of putting on pounds, you youtube, bath of  hours and sing in the top of your lungs. Also, you just laze around the entire day, without having to worry about being insanely unproductive, or screwing up life. Beauty of a day without work, is you can actually sit down, breath freely, and deeply, daydream about your love of life (FOOD In my case!), and basically, do anything you can’t find time to on a normal day!

So, that’s almost the end. Merry, foodie, cherry-on-the-top -ish, Christmas, to every human, unicorn, marsian and venusian reading this. Smile. A lot. And believe in magic. Because, magic is magical.

May the next year be even more lively and awesome. Maybe, you will stick to the new year resolutions you could not keep up to in the start of this year. Just. Maybe. 😜

Maybe, you will smile a lot more in the coming ages..

…And live a thousand year.

And, stop regretting.

And, live every moment at it’s best.

Okay, this is getting cheesy.

Anyway, Advanced “Happy new year.” !!






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