Those days went we were carefree, didn’t have to worry about having responsibilities, those days are missed. Bad time. Wish time machine existed. That would make the world so different, it’s almost impossible to imagine.

Childhood memories. How divine they were. The other day, I was sitting by the window. That misty wintery morning was so full of nostalgia, it’s hard to express. The was a cold yet light wind. The air smelled of smog, and the brewing coffee near my nose. I could see a lil girl and a young woman in her 20s, probably, her mother. Kashmiris. Her exquisite manes reminded me of of angels and fairies. My eyes closed as I sat by the window.

How dear were those times. I now realise. After all, time flies like a rocket.The memories still remains in my heart. My soul still fancied the days I used to run around the parks and grounds, with my hair let down, not at all worried about time. No burdens, how graceful were those times.


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