Champagne and sparklers.

The year 2015 has truly been a transitional year. It has made me go places. It has broken me down, and pulled me up by itself. It has offered me a hand when I fell down, after laughing hard at me. It has taught me what reality feels like when it hits you hard. It told me to first, trust people. When I did, it laughed at my face. When the people broke my trust, it quietly whispered to my ears, “Now you will never forget this.”

Yet, it has made me laugh till I cried. It has made me experience some feelings, made me do some things I had never done before. This year has made me reach a new hight in life, which I could have never dreamt as a child. It has made me meet some people who altered my life from the roots.


Last night.

Last night was magical. Just when I thought that the year is over, I’ll remain 15 till my birthday, and life is just the same, monotonous schedule, it proved me wrong yet again. It shoved some cold reality in my face. It made me realise that not always you always understand what is going on. At times you are blind, and truly unaware of what is actually happening.

So, that night I saw what high life is really life. I saw how people change. I saw what I never saw. And what I thought I understood. Yet I did not. But things change, and so do people. I just had a simple face off. I just had the opportunity to encounter, to be a spectator of this amazing beautifully transitional life.


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