Never Ever. Till Eternity..

That’s yet another day, when you can’t understand what is going on around. You begin to question the sheer existence of the universe. But what so ever.

It’s just another morning. I felt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious high last night. And now I feel freaky low. It’s just so yummy to stay in bed and laze around till almost noon, and not give a shit about what is happening around you. Well, it’s one of those pretty days when you yawn and stretch like a cat, and take in a deep breath, ready enough to face commoners again.

Yet again, you know that there are people around you who look through you, and there are people who love you, and can’t stand a day without you. You know it all. At least you think so..

Incomplete. For, I’m too.

(Some Days.)


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