Uff. I can’t breath. I’m confused. Don’t know what to do. Where to go. How to stop it. No regrets. Ever. But, this shit is killing me. It’s scaring me so much. I’m just a little innocent girl. I don’t know nothing. Nothing about this bad-ass world. I am scared. I’m shivering.

Maybe it’s the cold. Or, maybe my brain. It won’t co-operate. I don’t understand this situation. Wish I was a normal girl. Wish I didn’t face this amount of hardships. I can hear my heartbeat. It’s racing. As if I ran a thousand miles. I need to forget this. I need to learn about this globe. I need to stop the heart. Calm it down.

I wish now, that I had selective amnesia. I wish I could stop people. I wish I could understand people. It’s just that, nobody ever gets what they wish for. I’m just going to forget it all. Forget it all. Smile. Deep breath. Slowly exhale. Forget. Take it easy.

I’m gobbling up some chocolates. This might help. 5-star is heaven. Forget the world. Be strong. Fight those tears. Mistakes are bound to happened. It’s not the end of the world. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. I’m turning okay. It’s all good. Nothing is wrong. Oh. My. Holy. Gosh. Being agnostic kind of helps. I’m going to stop. Stop the mistakes. The pain. And start breathing. Breathing normal.




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