Anew, another day of life. Smiling and facing the world like it’s an amusing alien, like tot stare into the mirror the first time, like oldie seeing a touch phone work for the first time. You know how much your life is screwed up, all on the inside. You don’t want to face all of it, you start to realise that sometimes, in life, somethings are created, so as we could run away from them.


Then comes phase when you are genuinely confused, feel suppressed in a world full of strangers, clueless about what to do next. That’s when you start to dream. You dream of an angel. She is and angel from hell, the creepy, hollow eyes scare you till death. You are stuck. Unable to move. You are in between. On one side, you see a scary deep tunnel, on the other, a demolished world. You try, you try, to turn back. Alas, you know you are to fail. Stages when you feel you are just to young to go through the crap you are going through. Times when you still, smile, and laugh out, and howl inside.


I don’t know how many could relate, but there are moments when you want to lie in your bed, feel like hiding away in some cozy, dark space, which is your very own. Which nobody can ever figure out. 
Further, if you know, sometimes, you cry out inside. You feel like a balloon, pressed till the limit, it’s tends to blast. But never does. You can see your heart melt in the heat inside, you can understand your internals burning like a red hot lava. You could hate it. You could love it. It’s all in the mind.


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