There was a constantly contradicting war going on inside that meninges. To or not to. Even the single thought, forever turned every tossed coin, only to end up in it’s tail. Slowlo it started to feel like a dog running for it’s own tail. Striving to succeed. But, all in vain. The step of realization then arrived. Realisation that mistakes aren’t the end of the Universe. Sitting still. Lost in thoughts. Fathoming about the gorgeous future. Again, all in vain. For who knew…

 Who knows what is to happened even the very next second, man doesn’t. He strives to . But he can’t. And he won’t. He can’t because it is just beyond this limit. He won’t, for fear factor. He fears, that knowing the future would harm him. His mind. His soul. His body.
All of it could turn dysfunctional. He had understood. He grinned and fell over. 



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