Sanguine Vibes.

“I’ve got one foot in the golden life, 

one foot in the gutter.

So close to the other side,

So far from the wonder.”

A new start, the last straw. Grade 12. The Final year. Tensed yet happy. The happy air is actually sort of contagious. It’s all about staying positive. Time management, an important criteria. Staying away from distractions. Calming the soul and mind. It’s like a new journey to the unknown. A journey to an amazing wonderland. Touching hearts and living fullest. 917f80b78dbb61b0cdae9367b70ace59

Closed my eyes. Took off my specs. Lied back for a while. A deep breath. (The smell of rain and wet mud. Also, hot pakoras!) It’s just going to be fine. The future is so near, yet so far away. It’s about, stopping yourself from changing for others, and trying so hard to fit in. Because you were born to stand out.

So, meine Liebe, smile on. Look around and see the incredible sort of people surrounding you. Observe their eyes. Read their body. Learn from the wise, and stop trying to run away from the reality. Don’t procrastinate. (All of this inspiration, is from my wall.)  It’s right to be wrong sometimes. But it’s wrong to not realize when you are wrong. It’s not about what you are wearing, it’s about how you wear it. Forget all the reasons why it won’t work out, and believe the only reason why it will.

No shortcuts. Just got to ‘Work For It’. Hustling on. Smile.




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