Misty Lust

They call it teen crush, some call it a waste of time, oldies -puppies love, i call it infatuation. Every teen has at least once in their entire life, yet, faced that moment of excitement, anger, tension, breakdown, ‘butterflies in the gut’; moment when your person of your dreams stands in front of you.

Maybe you haven’t realised it, until now, at one point, in your childhood, you have crushes too, but they are genderless, unbiased, just the exact definition fulfilment of Love rush. Unconditional love and caring attitude,  for a short duration, not necessarily meaning to end in a relationship. Take these encounters for instance-

  • She was just 11, her class teacher, whom they had never seen before, was yet to arrive. The racket around the class was most common.She sat at the second seat, middle row, short hair and 2 ponytails on either side, forever a smile plastered and often wondering…anonymous. Then that moment arrived. A gorgeous sari on a beautiful women, her hills clicked the floor. A wooden scale by her right hand and a clutch at the left. She was a work of art, flawless, princess-like and a dreamy. The class rapt to attention, the ruler indicated her to be strict, ‘I am your new class teacher, Jyoti. I’ll be teaching you maths and G.K.’ The cute, anonymous girl felt the presence of an angle, she had fallen for her gorgeous teacher. S he now became determined to turn ‘teacher’s pet sorta student student.This was misty, uncertain, unnamed feeling. Later she turned it ‘Lust’.
  • Now the girl has grown to her first teen year, she had changed school, shifted over to a new country. She had grown to be a stunning angle herself. This time it was her first real crush. Wandering around the new school, looking really lost, she missed her friends, the old city of Madras. The school, the malls, even the roads and milkman. Every vibe had given her a reason to smile. Nostalgia was in the air that she breath now. She was uncertain about this place, people here seemed weird. Strange air, everybody had their own  gangs and troops.. she wondered if she could fit in. She wondered if she could ever make friends like the old ones, once again. Deep in thought, she crashed into a tall guy,  he had a basketball which had rolled off, down the corridor, no name, no identity. A casual sorry. She felt  her heart racing, her mind rushing with fantasy. Imagination are a troublesome thing you know.
  • They met again, this time in her new society, she had come out of her house to explore a bit of the neighbour. The guy seems to be an old resident, they met and he  started off, with a casual reminder sorry. He was a year older. Her feelings stayed forever. He never got to know her hazy character. Her lust for him.

Some things never die. And some things never exist.





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