So. Weesh. Great start.


Ever thought why we have created the entire concept of the existence of
some sort of superpower, who we term god? I don't exactly understand the 
concept, so, on the safer side, I term myself agnostic.
Yet so, that somehow doesn't seem to sort out the messed up questions 
inside my mind. So, I peep out. (to the golden river and lash greenary, 
the crystal clear sky.)
Oblivion to nature. Taking the surrounding we live in for granted. Funny
Not so. This guy from my psychology class is filthy rich. My mum says it's
wrong to comment on other's wealth, though.
Even so, this poor poor bastard gets everything he needs wants.
The hottest girl in school is his girlfriend. He's got cool homies.
Party and hangouts are in his automatic daily routine. (Brushing and 
writing are mine, they cost nothing. Hm.) I always take pride to stay 
rational. But, somewhere, that moment, after the school bell rang, a tingly
feeling of a mixture of jealousy, sadness and helplessness came upon me.

I couldn't help but think, I could give anything to get that life he takes
for granted. I don't even meet my friends off school, often, forget late 
night parties.The entire hour after that I just kept fathoming his luck.
My mind whirled. I felt insecure. Poor.
I went on to think about his homies. All I knew then was to wish I had 
that life.
I walked down the hall of the library, lost in thoughts, and sort of 
bumped. About nothing really. I needed some inspiration. (Superwoman.)
I needed somebody to tell me to stop feeling this bad about it all. I
dragged myself to a self help reader's column. 
Casually staring at the rows of 'Chicken soup for the soul' books I pulled 
out one out of habit.
Washing my eyes through the pages, I turned to stop at a story named
'Poor Tiffany'
Believe in such insane coincidences?
It was a story about a girl tiffany, who was exactly like that guy.
Metaphorically, the writer of the story, was a girl like me, too.

Life isn't all about money. I realized. 
I started to feel normal again.
Gained my pace. Hustling harder. 

Hm. Some old piece. Love life. 


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