Another Soulful Mess – Me.

2:24am. Day just started. I’m sitting in my bed. The chime of the clock ticking by. I sat still. Just wondering. About the coming times. The future.

Future. That word. Both excites and scares the heck out of me.

Still fathoming.





Adding up all this = My Life.

This friday.. Just as I realized I’m down:

First response: Ugh. Not again.

Second response: (cheerfully wailing) ” Yay. I’m not pregnant! ”

Hah. Just kidding. xD

Also, my mind is this pretty nuisance of which I sometimes fail to recognise myself.

3:05am. 25% of the test syllabus done.

I very well know the panic mode is next. Interestingly I also seem to know the antidote.

Loud music blasting in my ears and going for a walk during the early hours. ❤

Mind. Soul. Putting to rest now. Time to catch a few hours of sleep before the mystery unveils itself!*-*




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