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Another Lifetime Away.

It’s seems forever since I last wrote to you. Dear blog, I miss you. I miss the sense of fulfillment I would get from blogging. I miss the happiness and that tiny bulb inside my heart glowing with pleasure, when I was successful in pleasing a person with my blog. I miss sitting a couple of hours online. I miss those days I would simply idly sit around on a rainy afternoon and read just another novel. I miss waking up late and staying awake all night. Oh man, I get nostalgic thinking about that life. That life which existed, it seems, another birth away. Which couldn’t get happier and this day…

This day I’m struggling in everything. It’s like I’m a scrambled egg, and everyone else a serious omelette out there. It’s like am merely an ant and the world is a giant human. Human these days, I swear to god (If it exists. Excuse me, for I’m agnostic.) They seem to be turning in rhesus tribes.

Just sitting and studying all day. That’s what is a life of a 16-years-young  twelfth grader. If only the competition wasn’t so cruel.

If only the ants were treated equally,

and terrorists vanished,

and lions dined on wine,

and life was prettier.

Only then would this tiny world I live in turn into heaven.

Anyways. I’ve wasted your time enough. Let’s just get back to work.

Ciao, Love. Angana.

Silent Cries..

Her voice went numb,
She feared to swallow,
Though, she knew, it was dumb,
She couldn't help, it felt hollow.

She feared to look, at her own skin,
maybe, that really was the hook,
-- To fear her own self.

'I fear nothing I yet know.'
She often said; being brave.
'Maybe illness ain't that bad, after all.'
She wondered, silently.

After all it seemed like a good getaway
From the pseudo-hectic, pathetic,
wrong-lived stressed-out lives.
Of all.

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Bold. Wild. Untamed. Beast.

Eyes tightly shut. Vigorously tapping feet. Flickering pen between index and thumb. Table vibrating. Sweat tipping down from neck. Shivering jaw. Chattering teeth. Hardcore goosebumps. Shaking body. Audible heartbeat. A huge lump seem to be stuck in the throat. Nightmares flooding brain. Chill running down my spine. It almost seemed like time paused. Not just for that instant. Forever.

The destiny seemed to be hospital. When the seconds in that giant wall clock opposite to my seat ticked away merrily, my hands seemed to turn into a pool of sweat. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best. Scared to death. Adrenaline rush taking place. World turned upside down. Inside out. Mysterious odour filled the air. That forever wait. That too, left alone. With that brain, up there. Even imagining the scene again gives me weird shudders. I felt like a Cadbury Silk left out, under heat, in typical June summer. Molten, and turning amoeboid in shape. Still hoping that, that day I wish I had left my brain somewhere on the way. Continue reading “Bold. Wild. Untamed. Beast.”

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I have never been to an amusement park. Currently I don’t find the need to visit one..

‘Cause my life itself is a roller-coaster. It’s incredible. Too tough to find. And once found..Too hard to lose. Extremely complicated. I think I love it too much,. It’s messy, complex, but awesome. One instant, I’ll be laying around with throbbing head, burning eyes, and dried up tears.. And amazingly, the same evening.. Here I am. Dressing up for a party. Looking glamorous.  Experimenting with “Girly stuffs.” I’m wearing a gown for the first time in my life! It feels amazing. RED. Perfect colour. Nothing can spoil my mood. xD

hmm.. Sometimes.. I stay up all night .. Just wondering, About life.Life-Is-Like-A-Roller-Coaster