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That guy..

I don’t remember the first sight. Maybe it never was present. But, to me, he means my world. Yes. I admit I take him for granted. But, somewhere down the lane, I also know he does too and that, it is a human nature.

Everyday, when I see him, his beautiful deep brown eyes, and whose boundary is slight bluish. It’s phenomenal. He wakes up at midnight to wake me up, he cares so much for me I could write an entire novel on him. His existence to me makes me feel blessed. He can fight the world for me. I so like that.

I remember every instant, since I got my senses. Those vacation loves. Those “sit to study” loves. Those “Give me space” loves. Every bit and types of loves. I try and analyse. Maybe, time is turning him a bit old. Yet so, his young heart can compete any youth of the country. His love for his work makes me fall in love with him even more. I love it when he is engrossed in that. He is this phantom, who is the most adorable mystery, ever.

Each day, each sunshine, every breath, he is there, I know. With me. Physically or not. He is like my only support system. He is like that banyan tree in an enormous field, which can stay strong even when there is a storm. His presence is like being with almighty. (He is mighty too.)

Enough cheesy truth praises.

Another extreme. He is so short-tempered. Our genes match. He is stubborn. Hah, who knows it better than me? His every harsh words hit me like a knife. He is independent. He craves for knowledge. That genes are in me too. You know, at times this person is so weird I can just not ask myself to accept that I know him. Trying to decipher his thoughts is useless though.

He is this hot pakora during rainy days, and that crazy sun of June.

He is just the best dad in the “History of best dads.”

Gosh, I love you so much !(I just realized ūüėõ )




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Life¬†is hard. It’s so perplexing. Attacks abruptly, without any warning. Nobody ever told me I have to face “This crap.” …Astonishing, brutal, uncertain. It all seems blurry and foggy. Like an early winter morning.

Deep inside, my mind understood and supported me all along those times, when I screamed in the darkness and cried until no more tears came out. Acting like a monster of iniquity. Flashes of  dark, empty life.. Thoughts of ending life.. Extreme breakdowns..  heart breaks..
Losing hope.. All alone. Only my own self hugged me.

That night. I had an unbearable headache. So moody. Distressed. Confused. Peace-less. Destructive. Angry. Upset. Screwed-up everything. I couldn’t understand what’s wrong. I sought help. I realized I needed love. Unconditional love. The type which I was being deprived of. Then came my weirdo homies. Total strangers. Not the least idea of the phase I was passing through. My relationship with them seem to grow apart as¬†moments passed. A feeling of ¬†hollowness swept my psyche¬†because of them. I feel¬†trapped. Choked from the smoke.¬†x

I require somebody. A soul who could understand me. Tolerate my everyday crap. Feel me and love me unconditionally. Someone who could hear my heart out and stay with me eternally. I was treed. No trust. No respect. Like not a soul cared..

… But life moves on …¬† ‚ô•