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Another Lifetime Away.

It’s seems forever since I last wrote to you. Dear blog, I miss you. I miss the sense of fulfillment I would get from blogging. I miss the happiness and that tiny bulb inside my heart glowing with pleasure, when I was successful in pleasing a person with my blog. I miss sitting a couple of hours online. I miss those days I would simply idly sit around on a rainy afternoon and read just another novel. I miss waking up late and staying awake all night. Oh man, I get nostalgic thinking about that life. That life which existed, it seems, another birth away. Which couldn’t get happier and this day…

This day I’m struggling in everything. It’s like I’m a scrambled egg, and everyone else a serious omelette out there. It’s like am merely an ant and the world is a giant human. Human these days, I swear to god (If it exists. Excuse me, for I’m agnostic.) They seem to be turning in rhesus tribes.

Just sitting and studying all day. That’s what is a life of a 16-years-young  twelfth grader. If only the competition wasn’t so cruel.

If only the ants were treated equally,

and terrorists vanished,

and lions dined on wine,

and life was prettier.

Only then would this tiny world I live in turn into heaven.

Anyways. I’ve wasted your time enough. Let’s just get back to work.

Ciao, Love. Angana.

Silent Cries..

Her voice went numb,
She feared to swallow,
Though, she knew, it was dumb,
She couldn't help, it felt hollow.

She feared to look, at her own skin,
maybe, that really was the hook,
-- To fear her own self.

'I fear nothing I yet know.'
She often said; being brave.
'Maybe illness ain't that bad, after all.'
She wondered, silently.

After all it seemed like a good getaway
From the pseudo-hectic, pathetic,
wrong-lived stressed-out lives.
Of all.

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Back (To) Track

Heyy guys. I know it’s been like forever since I last blogged. That’s is because I moved to a grade which is called T-W-E-L-V-E. It is the final year of my schooling. I’m not complaining, but really, let’s just get a few things straightened out like a pasta sheet, so as to have an sublime life ahead.. xD

Firstly, I’m not even 16 yet, and I’m leaving my schooling life in less than 8 months! Whaaatt! I initially sorta didn’t get what it is all about. And then suddenly it hit me like an alarm noise. Woosh. Like tidal waves.. which were supposed to hit your feet, and soften the sand, and your feets get buried deeper and deeper into the wetness. Only it doesn’t. Rather it just comes in the form of a hurricane. And you are stuck.

So, when realization hit me, things started to turn around, for life made more sense. I started to develop, what you call, the intra-personal intelligence, better, day by day. Next stage was to stop taking what I lived for the last 15 years, for granted. And nostalgia. Not the “I grew up too soon” sort, but,.. Ugh. “I’ll actually miss this” sort.

I’m really happy that my life is going just great. Sanguine vibes all around. Pinch of fights and misunderstands. A good stir of feelings and emotions. All wandering around the two main ingredients. Future. And. Studies.

It’s all awesome, though not perfect. ‘Cause perfection in not my thing. Also I’m jumping inside, for I’m turning 16 finalllly. (I know you will think, what’s the big deal.. So does my homies.) SIX days. Yaayy.

Life is good. I’m high on it. At this rate of its dose, I’ll probably capture it all, in no less time. Time. Yea. I’m running out of that, as my schedules for the day is packed. And, it’s good that way, anyway. For I’m not a person who can stay ideal for long.

Anyways. Time for lunch. Saluté.




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Champagne and sparklers.

The year 2015 has truly been a transitional year. It has made me go places. It has broken me down, and pulled me up by itself. It has offered me a hand when I fell down, after laughing hard at me. It has taught me what reality feels like when it hits you hard. It told me to first, trust people. When I did, it laughed at my face. When the people broke my trust, it quietly whispered to my ears, “Now you will never forget this.” Continue reading “Champagne and sparklers.”

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Fireworks and Feelings.


 Our Eyes were on fire. As they met, something happened. It was like someone ignited a lamp, which burnt heavenly. We were young, untamed beasts. Nothing could stop us. The desires were inextinguishable. The intensity was incredible. We hugged. I felt like a tomato in a sandwich. Squeezed so hard. The warmth felt different. Something I had never experienced before. His chest was very masculine. I almost melted in his arms. Everything was too swift. We were high. The unvanquishable.  My heart beat was in sync with his now. Continue reading “Fireworks and Feelings.”

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Bold. Wild. Untamed. Beast.

Eyes tightly shut. Vigorously tapping feet. Flickering pen between index and thumb. Table vibrating. Sweat tipping down from neck. Shivering jaw. Chattering teeth. Hardcore goosebumps. Shaking body. Audible heartbeat. A huge lump seem to be stuck in the throat. Nightmares flooding brain. Chill running down my spine. It almost seemed like time paused. Not just for that instant. Forever.

The destiny seemed to be hospital. When the seconds in that giant wall clock opposite to my seat ticked away merrily, my hands seemed to turn into a pool of sweat. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best. Scared to death. Adrenaline rush taking place. World turned upside down. Inside out. Mysterious odour filled the air. That forever wait. That too, left alone. With that brain, up there. Even imagining the scene again gives me weird shudders. I felt like a Cadbury Silk left out, under heat, in typical June summer. Molten, and turning amoeboid in shape. Still hoping that, that day I wish I had left my brain somewhere on the way. Continue reading “Bold. Wild. Untamed. Beast.”

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A Rough Ride..

Of course, it has been more than just a bad day. And I’m definitely not fine. In fact, I’ve not been fine for a while now. Traumatised of homies. Taught to be rude and selfish, because being ‘good’ to the globe is just not worth it. Deprived of love. Problems are too many. Solutions are scanty. Truth is cruel and avoided. Sexuality talks are below-the-bench topics. Corruption is in the veins. The idea of superiority over recessive beings is dominant. Society is very judgmental and conservative. Life is plain ‘weird’…. I use that phrase when I’m lacking word.

I’m sick of the system. Distractions have turned necessities now. Loving is a crime. World is moving in the speed of light. ‘Moving on’ isn’t easy. Frequent fights and continuously battling for a say in the community is now being creepy. War isn’t far.  We trust and faith, so that they are broken. We hope and dream high, so that they get shattered. Being a teenager isn’t hard; it’s just ‘Weird’. This is ‘in-between’ phase of life… The concept of humanity and its existence is highly questionable, by me.


Continue reading “A Rough Ride..”