Heart laid out.

When I give up english, I'm shaky rather than secure. I'm weak. Before I became a writer, I lacked a clear, precise identity. It was through writing that I was able to feel fulfilled. What does it mean, for a writer, to write without her own authority? Can I call myself an author if I … Continue reading Heart laid out.


Settling Down..

New people, yet again. Cold and humble inside. Determined to face it all, with a smile, and wash away the blues. A week passed, Everything has changed. Yet really, nothing has. Puzzling, yet it is the truth, Give it a break. 'Life's good.' With time, nothing ever ever really not changes, (It all does.) It's … Continue reading Settling Down..


There was a constantly contradicting war going on inside that meninges. To or not to. Even the single thought, forever turned every tossed coin, only to end up in it's tail. Slowlo it started to feel like a dog running for it's own tail. Striving to succeed. But, all in vain. The step of realization then arrived. … Continue reading Hm.