3am. It's pitch dark outside. I get out of my comfort zone and step into the reality. The balcony pulls me towards it. It's like the night wants to make love to me, desperately. It's hunger, and greed is adorable. I stand there. Still. The extreme silence, making me vulnerable, shaking my ground. No, I'm not … Continue reading Silence


Another Soulful Mess – Me.

2:24am. Day just started. I'm sitting in my bed. The chime of the clock ticking by. I sat still. Just wondering. About the coming times. The future. Future. That word. Both excites and scares the heck out of me. Still fathoming. Physics. Chemistry. Zoology. Botany. Adding up all this = My Life. This friday.. Just … Continue reading Another Soulful Mess – Me.

Love and seasons.

I'm like winter, Cool, dry, lonely, dark. coveting for some sun shine. You are like summer, Bright, happy, sexy. That mixture would be dope. 💙💛💚💜❤️ You need autumn to get me, As much I need spring to reach, And make some love to you.


New strangers, new times, new emotions. Confusion. Lost between 'Try harder' and 'why give a damn.' Lest of things, they utter, show no sentiments. Hormones are the sarcastic monsters. Spawning results, isn't the final goal. Tough times, aren't the end. Get up that lazy bum, and walk a step. And walk another. Hope.


Those days went we were carefree, didn't have to worry about having responsibilities, those days are missed. Bad time. Wish time machine existed. That would make the world so different, it's almost impossible to imagine. Childhood memories. How divine they were. The other day, I was sitting by the window. That misty wintery morning was so … Continue reading Nostalgia.