Lol. – Lessons of life..

Ever thought how much lifestyle has changed, everything seemed to be 'new and modernised'. I’m just 15, yet it feels centuries apart. Then it was hide n seek and four pillars, now it's candy crush and temple run 2. Then it was an evening filled with fun,  meaning Tom ’n’ jerry shows, now it's all … Continue reading    Lol. – Lessons of life..



There was a constantly contradicting war going on inside that meninges. To or not to. Even the single thought, forever turned every tossed coin, only to end up in it's tail. Slowlo it started to feel like a dog running for it's own tail. Striving to succeed. But, all in vain. The step of realization then arrived. … Continue reading Hm.

Love and seasons.

I'm like winter, Cool, dry, lonely, dark. coveting for some sun shine. You are like summer, Bright, happy, sexy. That mixture would be dope. 💙💛💚💜❤️ You need autumn to get me, As much I need spring to reach, And make some love to you.


New strangers, new times, new emotions. Confusion. Lost between 'Try harder' and 'why give a damn.' Lest of things, they utter, show no sentiments. Hormones are the sarcastic monsters. Spawning results, isn't the final goal. Tough times, aren't the end. Get up that lazy bum, and walk a step. And walk another. Hope.