Another Lifetime Away.

It's seems forever since I last wrote to you. Dear blog, I miss you. I miss the sense of fulfillment I would get from blogging. I miss the happiness and that tiny bulb inside my heart glowing with pleasure, when I was successful in pleasing a person with my blog. I miss sitting a couple … Continue reading Another Lifetime Away.


Silent Cries..

Her voice went numb, She feared to swallow, Though, she knew, it was dumb, She couldn't help, it felt hollow. She feared to look, at her own skin, maybe, that really was the hook, -- To fear her own self. 'I fear nothing I yet know.' She often said; being brave. 'Maybe illness ain't that … Continue reading Silent Cries..


There was a constantly contradicting war going on inside that meninges. To or not to. Even the single thought, forever turned every tossed coin, only to end up in it's tail. Slowlo it started to feel like a dog running for it's own tail. Striving to succeed. But, all in vain. The step of realization then arrived. … Continue reading Hm.